Monday, September 14, 2009

politician or criminal...something sneaky

Brielle amazes me everyday, sometimes this is good and sometimes not so good. This afternoon while sweet, precious, tired, Annaka was napping, I decided to online-register my girls for some Parks and Rec activities. An art class for Annaka and an inflatables jumping hour for both of my girls. I am excited about the prospects and future fun to be had. So, I momentarily forget that Brielle is probably not still coloring at the kitchen table where I left her. Soon I hear tape ripping and I call out to my most intuitive 4 yr old "what are you doing?" A reply is given. "I am opening this package for you!" Since I had not recieved any packages I immediately paused (NOT jumped outta my seat as was probably called for) and thought. Then I hear more ripping and cutting. Now, I decide, it is time to investigate. There is crafty little Brielle holding a cell phone I do not recognize saying how she has helped me. I suddendly lose my patience when I realize what has happened. My neighbor had given me a package to drop in the mail and Brielle took the liberties of ripping it open for me. Brielle gets a time out and is screaming so loudly she wakes precious, tired Annaka (who dutifully went back to sleep after a few pats on the back) adn I tell Brielle if she wants to continue screaming she has to go into the garage. She goes. She screams. I read Parents magazine and enjoy my time out. Soon it is quiet in the garage but she does not come back inside. I wait. I dream of the possibility of her falling asleep on the hard concrete of the garage. She finally re-emerges....with a bag of cookies (I previously told her she was not allowed to have) and a devious little smirk on her crumb covered face. She one-upped me, what can I say. She certainly sees opportunities where I do not. I am not sure what Brielle's future holds but she'll be sneaky someplace. Hopefully for the forces of good, not evil.

After Annaka was fully rested we headed to Wal-Mart for groceries. I printed Brielle a list of everything we needed with clip-art pictures and all caps words. Her job was to check of everything as we put it in the cart. We did get everything. However, I was not so good about monitoring the quality of the items being selected, mainly produce. I got home with the 6 apples the girls selected and every single on is very badly bruised. YUCK! My lettuce is a little rotten, our bananas are totally green and the bread is completely squished complete with Annaka-sized finger divets. Oh well, we did get everything. This weeks first trip to Wal-Mart is done.


  1. Oh how I have missed the perils of Brielle! I'm glad you're back, virtually at least. Can't wait for your visit.

  2. YAY! I'm so glad you've started a blog! I've already added it to my Google Reader!!! Good job!