Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Girls First trip to the Dentist

Took the girls for their first dental visit to day. It was great. If you like crazy. Brielle actually did pretty well. She was excited to get her new toothbrush and little floss dino. Unfortunately she doesn't realize that her diagnoses of 2 cavities gets her a future visit where there will be no new brush or floss, maybe a sticker though. Annaka....acted like the finicky little 2 year old she is. We had to jump through all her hoops to get her to open her precious mouth at all. I was ready to pry her little jaws open when suddenly Annaka wiggles free and announces her preference. "I wont Beee-elle wook at mah tee-ff!" So that is how it went down. The dentist inspected Annaka's tiny teeth over top of our 4 year olds messy pigtails. I am not sure why Annaka has such a strong allegiance to Brielle, since Brielle calls all the shots and gives all the orders. I would think Annaka would get sick of playing the submissive little sister, but as of now, that has not happened even one time. Whatever works! Today I was glad for the role Brielle plays in our family. Otherwise we would never know that Annaka is still growing teeth in the back of her mouth.

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