Thursday, September 10, 2009

Both of my precious girls are lying wounded on the floor of their room, screaming so hard I think they may be actually struggling for air. The reason? I asked those pretty little things to clean up their room, which was a total disaster, and they refused. Since I have still not recieved a paycheck to clean this place, I know I am not the clean-up crew. I decided to try out a strategy that has come highly recommended in Parents magazine. So I got a trash bag and threw out all the toys that were on the floor. A side Note: I also paid for all those toys and still recall how much I paid for some, so I am not actually throwing them away. However, both girls are immediately immobilized by the fact that I am trashing their toys, and they sit and scream on the bed and watch me continue. Neither was motivated to help, or try to save any of their favorite toys by initiating a clean up. Parents Magazine does not say where to go from here. Any suggestions?


  1. I'm considering condensing the toy supply around here and storing them and doing the "toy rotation" so I don't have to pick up so many toys. And he can't get as many out that way either. Half the fun is pouring them out but the other "half" is NOT cleaning them up. He acts like it HURTS him to clean up.

  2. We still have the trash bag full of toys in Josh's office. My goal is someday (it should have been two months ago) to go through the bag of toys and only put back their favorite ones but the "extra" time hasn't presented itself.