Monday, September 21, 2009

Everything stinks...literally!

I think most of you know how much I loathed my previous 2 pregnancies, and now here I go again. I LOVE the end product of this mandadted torture but, where I am now, it's hard! And right now I have the sharpest sense of smell of anyone known to womankind. This is not a virtue. Especially since I think EVERYTHING stinks (except baby ruth candy bars and gummi bears)! I cannot wash the dishes becuase I think the soap smells terrible and let me not even mention the smell of food. If I managed to cook it, it smells double disgusting!

Today was not a good day. I drove 4 hours back home this morning with the girls. The entire trip I was fighting nausea as we soar through "shortcuts" and mountainous highway terrain. Then, I get severe stomach cramps that would rival any menstrual cramps I have ever experienced. Both my precious offspring are argueing over whose turn it is to pick the DVD to watch, and which one would get the last cold chicken nugget (which stank up the entire car). I am sure these 4 hours will never be over.

Finally, we make it home and immediately I think the dog is reeking up the entire house with her nasty breath and all-over doggie odor. The washcloth at the sink stinks like tuna and garlic (the number one & two offensive aromas). The entire house smells like vomit, and I do not know why since Vince was the only one here for the past 4 days and I know he did not vomit. The day is not shaping up to be any better than it started. I give Annaka yogurt for lunch and put her down for her nap. Brielle and I have ham and cheese sandwiches and cheetos. After 2 bites I decide my ham has taken on a funky smell and feed it to the stinky dog lurking by my feet. Poor Brielle has to endure my constant nasuea and nasty crankiness. All I wanna do while Annaka is sleeping is lie down. Brielle never allows this to happen willingly no matter what I promise later or what threat is given. Can't blame her for being 4 and unsympathetic, although at 2 this afternoon I laid into my poor unsuspecting firstborn. I screamed so loud my throat still hurts and was sure I was going to heave with all that effort. After I get a grip and sit down to cry it out, Brielle comes over very quietly and sits next to me. I hug her and tell her how sorry I am. Without missing a beat she tells me that next time I want to yell I have to go out into the garage, if I want to use my outside voice when Annaka is resting.

I am so grateful when Vince gets home. He volunteers to take the girls to the playground and Taco Bell. Brielle wears her white shirt that she used as a napkin previously for her cheeto-fingers at lunch and then dribbled blue Kool-aid on. Annaka wears a purple polka dot skirt and a bright orange hula shirt. She gets her own shoes on and selects one pink and one black shoe to compliment her outfit. As I sit and witness their departure from the couch, I silently pray no one will recognize them as my children while they are out. And let me be truthful right now with myself, why was I praying for that and not an end to this constant all day ridiculous sickness?!

My house still stinks, and I am not sure how I will survive these next few weeks eating only minuature candy bars and gummi bears.


  1. you're PREGNANT??????

  2. Ahh the perils of pregnancy. I hope Vince isn't expecting in return for his gracious act of fatherhood...hasn't he done enough already ;)!